About ShoreHaven Wealth Partners

We are an independent wealth management firm working with a select group of affluent multigenerational families and high net worth individuals, many of whom are family-owned businesses with goals and aspirations that include a work-optional lifestyle.

Our objective is to help our clients enjoy what’s important in their lives, through the benefit of financial prosperity.

“PORT” Our Approach to Financial Planning

Financial planning can be an intricate puzzle, with more than one path or outcome. Experienced in working with families and individuals with unique situations, we have honed a goals-driven personalized approach that we call PORT: Planning for Opportunities, Risk and Timing. PORT utilizes a process of putting together all the intricate puzzle pieces of your wealth to create an effective financial plan.

By carefully listening to you, we will focus on your goals and understand your priorities. We will collaborate with you to build an honest risk profile. As part of the comprehensive plan we build for you, we will conduct a SWOT analysis to highlight Strengths and Opportunities, and to expose Weaknesses and Threats in relation to your financial well-being.

With your input and approval, we will construct and execute a discretionary investment strategy, using our set of personalized portfolios. Most importantly, we will carefully monitor ongoing performance of your investments, making prudent modifications as needed, to react to market conditions and/or changing circumstances in your life.

Define our relationship

We meet with you to discuss the expectations for the roles we will have during the personal financial planning process, how decisions will be made, and the duration of our relationship. We will detail the services to be provided and how we are compensated.

Gather information and set goals

We gather your financial information and other data needed to create a personal financial plan. We also help you in identifying and prioritizing your goals. We may uncover needs not previously discussed.

Analyze your current financial status

As part of our SWOT analysis, we will identify your financial strengths and weaknesses, along with opportunities and threats to your financial well-being. The analysis will help us prepare the appropriate recommendations for you.

Develop and communicate recommendations

With your financial status understood and your goals prioritized, we develop a comprehensive financial plan, based on your needs and objectives. We will meet with you to discuss our customized recommendations and various options you may have.

Implement the recommendations

To activate your financial plan, we will assist you in either implementing the recommendations or in coordinating their implementation with other knowledgeable and licensed professionals.

Monitor the recommendations

Because economic conditions and your financial situation may change over time, we provide periodic reviews of your financial plan at agreed upon intervals to ensure that you are in the best position to meet your financial goals.

Our Service Commitment

We are dedicated to serving you as your personal advocate and fiduciary. Full transparency and open communication are the core elements to every client relationship. We take great pride in the fact that this level of service has allowed us to grow our business over time. This speaks to the importance we place on personally serving every relationship.