ShoreHaven Wealth Partners

What Makes Us Different

ShoreHaven Wealth Partners differs from other wealth managers in meaningful ways: we are independent fiduciaries, applying a goals-based, comprehensive and holistic approach to planning.


These characteristics of how we manage our advisory practice are indicative of the genuine care and compassion we have for each client relationship. And they’re made possible by the fact that our firm is employee-owned and fully independent. Free of any corporate restraints, we are able to offer objective advice that is supported by a fee-based arrangement. We are part of the Dynasty Financial Partners network, one of the industry’s platforms for independent advisors, providing a full suite of operational, technological and resource platforms.

Fiduciary Standard

As a fully independent investment advisory firm registered with the SEC, we are legally held to the fiduciary standard of care. Our partnership with Dynasty empowers us to make decisions that are fully in your best interest. As a fiduciary, we place our clients’ interests first and foremost above everything else we do.


We offer goals-based financial planning. When we begin a new relationship, we ask each client about their short-term goals, which are often driven by their lifestyle needs and preferences. We ask about their long-term goals, which may range from education financing to retirement savings to generational transitioning of wealth. Then we ask about their highest priorities – an understanding of all that drives their goals, which may impact their finances as well as their family and business relationships. This last step is as distinctive as it is important, for a client’s priorities will help determine the path towards achieving their goals.

Comprehensive & Holistic

Our planning process is comprehensive and holistic. We look at the complete balance sheet, including assets and liabilities, as well as tax obligations. We use this data, along with information we gain from the personal interviews we conduct with our clients, to create an insightful SWOT analysis. By identifying a client’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, we can begin a valuable dialogue about financial decision-making, investment discipline and the psychology of wealth management – all of which impacts goal-achievement.